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Clatskanie SUMMER program 2021

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Join Reach the Stars this summer for the


6 weeks of fun classes ending in our very own circus production for family and friends (limited seating)

Please use grade level from current (2020-21) school year to place students in appropriate class.


Classes meet every TUESDAY July 6th- August 10th

Show will take place on FRIDAY August 13th


Preschool level (ages 3-5) 3:00-3:45


Tumbling, Creative Dance and Art combine to create a fun experience for our youngest stars.

Preschool students will perform as our prancing puppies in our circus show.


Elementary level (kindergarten – 3rd grade) 1:00-2:30


These performers will get lessons in Ballet, Jazz, tumbling and acting, ending each class with a small art project to cool down. 

Elementary level students will become the crazy clowns of our circus show.


Cast level (4th grade and up) 3:45-5:45


These performers will get lessons in Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling and Acting. 

Cast performers will be given solo or group acts in our circus based on their individual strengths as well as perform the opening number. 


Acrobats (Invite only) 5:45-6:30


Acrobat class is an invite only class focused on acrobatics and flexibility.  Acrobats must be able to perform certain tumbling skills before joining the class.  Current students will receive an invitation if they qualify for acrobatic class, new students may request more info by emailing reachthestarsdance@yahoo.com.


Ballet intensive (4th grade and up) 6:30-7:30


Ballet intensive is  for the student looking for thorough dance and technique training.  Students on pointe or hoping to go on pointe in the future are required to continue their training in ballet intensive during the summer to build or maintain the muscles and strength required.  

Pointe (invite only) 7:30-8:00


Pointe students are required to take ballet and pointe year round to maintain their strength. Advancement onto pointe is by invite only.   Please email reachthestarsdance@yahoo.com for information on pointe requirements.