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Clatskanie Fall classes 2020

Register for your spot Here: Registration Page

Classes begin September 7th 2020


3:00 -3:30 My buddy and me – All ages - An early childhood education based creative movement class geared towards students with special needs that require a parent/guardian to assist them in class.  All ages/special abilities welcome - activities will be centered in the 3-6 year age range building confidence, gross motor skills and class participation.  (THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY NOT RUNNING.  PLEASE EMAIL US TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITING LIST FOR INFORMATION ON WHEN IT WILL RE-OPEN)


4:15-5:00 Jazz/tap 2/3  - 1st-5th  grade

5:00-5:30 Hip hop  - 3rd grade and up

5:30-6:15 Jazz 3/4  6th grade and up

6:15-7:00 Ballet 3/4  - 6th grade and up

7:00-7:30  Pointe (invite only, enrollment in ballet 4 is required)

7:30-8:15  Adult dance fitness age 18+ - designed to tone and strengthen bodies with a basic ballet barre warm up and then taken to center floor for an up beat fast paced - cardio workout based jazz funk class followed by a flexibility increasing cool down stretch.  (THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY NOT RUNNING.  PLEASE EMAIL US TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITING LIST FOR INFORMATION ON WHEN IT WILL RE-OPEN)



3:30-4:00 Creative Movement/Tumbling 1 -  Ages 3-5 - This Class is currently full. please do not register for class online.  Please call or email for other options.  

4:00-4:30 Ballet 1  -  Ages 4-kindergarten

4:30-5:00 Tap 1 - Ages 4-Kindergarten 

5:00-5:45 Tumbling 2  - Kindergarten-2nd grade 

5:45-6:30 Tumbling 3 -  3rd grade and up 

6:30-7:00 Performance team rehearsals 

7:00- 7:45 Acro and contortion flexibility -An Acro  test will be required to participate in this class. Please call 503-791-7110 to schedule a testing time.  Students will be required to demonstrate: 10 good form push ups in a row, Headstand held for 5 seconds, kick up to Handstand position with straight legs and held for 5 seconds, Hold a bridge position with one leg straight in the air for 10 seconds, Back bend from standing, un-assisted Back walkover, Strong cartwheel in both directions, A full split in at least one direction, A bridge supported by elbows instead of hands. Acro students must also be enrolled in a Jazz class.



4:00-6:30 spring 2020 recital rehearsals – For all students from last year. A more detailed schedule will be emailed to students planning on performing in our rescheduled performance

 Class Fees

Class fees are billed monthly by how many minutes of class you take in one week.

30 minute class per week: 30.00$ monthly

45 minutes per week: 35.00$ monthly

60 minute per week: 40.00$ monthly

1 hour 15 minutes per week: 45.00$ monthly

1 hour 30 minutes per week:

50.00$ monthly

1 hour 45 minutes per week:

55.00$ monthly

2 hours per week or more:

60.00$ monthly

Invoice will be emailed to you two weeks before start of each month.  Class fees will be due 1 week before class of each month.  20.00$ late fee will be added 1 week after first class of the month.   First months payment must be received to reserve your spot in classes. 


Costume fees:

Winter performance- billed in September: Due to last springs recital being rescheduled what will happen to our regular winter performance is still being determined.  This will be updated as soon as a plan is made.

Spring recital – billed in January : 50.00$ per class 

Performance Team

Join our Performance team for a ton of fun onstage and memories to last a lifetime!

Kindergarten and up

 Everybody Learns a group routine to perform at a Portland area dance competition, 3rd grade and up also learns a duo/trio routine to perform. Team members who have competed for at least one year previously are also allowed to add an optional solo.  All routines learned will also perform at Oaks Park and Spring recitals.  (There has been a signifigant discount to this years team fees because we Normally  do also compete in a Seattle area competition- Due to the cancellation of last year’s competitions,  only last year’s team members will be attending the Seattle competition this year.)


Students on performance team are required to take both ballet and Jazz class, and must commit to the ENTIRE Sept 2019-June 2020 year of Dance.



Fee includes: Performance team rehearsal class for the year (Fridays 4:00-5:00pm -Do not include this time in your regular class fees), All performance team costumes required, All Competition entry fees, and required Team jacket.

Kindergarten-2nd grade: 200$

3rd grade and up: 315.00$

Soloist option: Not available this year. Last years soloists will perform their solos from last year.


Fee may be paid in full with registration or may be split into 3 payments due Sept/Oct/Nov

If you already have a team jacket from previous years that is still in usable condition subtract 30.00$ from the listed prices above. 

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