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Visual Arts in Clatskanie

Upcoming art projects:

Spring break art extravaganza
March 25th-26th 
3 projects to choose from:

Paint a mini treasure box or birdhouse:  10.00$
All ages.  (studnets under 6 must have a parent stay to help them while they paint.) 
Get a mini wooden treasure box or birdhouse (Designs may vary, 1st come-1st served) and have free access to our array of painting and craft supplies to create your own personal masterpiece.
2 days to choose from:
March 25th 2-3pm
March 26th 5-6pm  

4 season fingerprint tree $15.00
All ages (Students under 6 must have a parent stay to help them while they paint.) 
get 4 canvas boards and paint a tree for every season decorated with your very own thumbprint leaves
2 days to choose from 
March 25th 4-5:30pm
March 26th 2-3:30pm 

Sunset sea turtles mixed media painting $20.00
Ages 6 and up
We will be using paint, sand and glass stones to create a beautiful painting of baby sea turtles taking off into the ocean at sunset.
March 25th 6:30-8:00pm 

Reserve your spot below today! limit 7 students per project time.
prepaid reservations are NONREFUNDABLE.
Please make sure to pay attention to which day you register for! 
You will receive an emailed confirmation within 3 business days of your registration. 

Reserve your spot by clicking this link: Registration Page