Clatskanie performance team information

  Clatskanie performance team


 Performance team is an exciting opportunity to have fun, bond with a team, and experience the extended dance world.


Students on Performance team must:

·        Be age 7 or older

·        Be enrolled in both Ballet and jazz class

·        Be able to maintain good attendance in regular classes and at rehearsals all year long

·        Take criticism and corrections and apply them in a healthy/respectful manner

·        Fully Commit to attending Portland competition,  Oaks park performance, Clatskanie and Astoria Recital performances.  Dates TBA. 


There is no monthly class fee for the performance team rehearsal time, an upfront fee of 145.00$ is due at time of registration.  This covers two required costumes, required tights, and team jacket.  Returning team members that do not need a new jacket, fee due at registration is 100.00$.


Each student will learn 2 dances to compete:  A main group dance (includes all team members) and a duo or trio (depending on number of team members) dance.  Returning team members have the option of doing a solo as well (you must have competed in the previous year to do a solo).


Additional fees:

Competition entry fees are 70.00$ per dance. Each student will be in in two dances. Making total competition entry fees: 140.00$ This fee will be due at the beginning of December. A fundraiser will be offered in September for those wishing offset their entry fee costs. 

 Students wanting to do a solo will also incur an additional entry fee of 135.00$(Due in December), and an additional 50.00$ (due in October) costume fee.  

Travel fees to, from and during the competition are the sole responsibility of the student.