Knappa Spring 2020 Classes

You may now sign up to reserve your spot in classes for our SPRING session.  
Spring sessions class begin January 13th 2020 and run through June
January class fee payment is required to reserve your spot

Register Here: Registration Page

Class schedule

All classes meet on MONDAYS each week

3:45-4:15 Ballet/Tap 1 combo class Ages 3-5- 

Combo class for our littlest dancers to learn the basic dance steps, team work and class etiquette.  Classes will alternate between ballet and tap each week. 

4:15-4:45 Ballet 2   Kindergarten-2nd grade 

Learn technique, posture and grace with classical ballet

4:45-5:15 Jazz/tap 2 Kindergarten-2nd grade

Combo class of Jazz and Tap skills.  Class will alternate between Jazz and Tap each week. 

5:15-6:00 Performance team rehearsals

Join our traveling performance team! See Info below!

5:15-6:00 Basic tumbling workshop

This add-on workshop meets only on the first Monday of every month starting in October.  This is a drop in class, it does not require pre-registration and does not learn a routine to perform in shows.  Fee is 10$ per class attended, payable the day of class.  Each month we will focus on a certain tumbling skills such as head/handstands, bridges, walkovers, cartwheels and various rolling skills.  

6:00-6:45 Jazz/tap 3   3rd grade and up - ONE spot left!

Combo class of Jazz and Tap skills.  Class will alternate between Jazz and Tap each week. 

6:45-7:30 Ballet 3   3rd Grade and up - One spot left! 

Learn technique, posture and grace with classical ballet

7:30-8:15 Advanced ballet/pointe Invite only

An advanced level of ballet work, available by instructor invitation only.    

Class Fees

Class fees are billed monthly by how many minutes of class you take in one week.

30 minute class per week: 30.00$ monthly

45 minutes per week: 35.00$ monthly

60 minute per week: 40.00$ monthly

1 hour 15 minutes per week: 45.00$ monthly

1 hour 30 minutes per week: 50.00$ monthly

1 hour 45 minutes per week: 55.00$ monthly

2 hours per week or more: 60.00$ monthly


Additional Fees:

Spring recital costume fees: 50.00$ per class (Due with February class payment)

Winter show: We will have an optional winter performance in December 2019.  Students can audition for lead dance and acting parts for this program in Early September.  All dance classes will learn a group dance to perform in the show.  Costs and Full details will be available at the studio in September. 


Class fee payment policy:

Class fees will be due 2 weeks before the start of each month. Any student with a balance due at the first class of the month will be billed a 20$ late fee and will not be allowed to participate in class until all fees are paid in full. An invoice will be emailed to each student monthly. Invoices can be paid by card online through the invoice or by cash or card in the studio.

All fees paid are non-refundable.