Reach the Stars has a simple dress code that is in place for students safety and maximum enjoyment of class.  

Hair should be pinned back from face in bun, braid or tight ponytail. Please see below for shoe and class specific requirements.   

Jeans and Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor

Boys: Fitted pants/ leggings and a fitted shirt/tank top that can be securely tucked in should be worn in all classes. If hair is long, Please pin back from face in bun, braid or ponytail. 

Preschool level classes: leotards and tights are encouraged in preschool level classes but not required.  please dress comfortably to move! 

Ballet classes: Leotard and Tights are required, shorts or skirts are welcome. but optional.  Please no long/baggy pants.  Baggy shirts are not allowed.  Students may wear fitted tank tops, or fitted dance-specific warmups over their leotards if preferred. 

Tap/jazz Classes, Pom pom and hip hop Classes : Leotards and tights are required, Shorts, fitted pants/leggings or skirts are welcome, but optional.  Please no long/baggy pants.   Students may wear fitted tops, or dance-specfic warmups over their leotards if preferred. 

Tumbling/Acro: NO loose clothing allowed.  No skirts allowed.  Leotards, fitted shorts, footless tights or fitted leggings only.  This is for safety of both student and staff during student spotting. Tumbling is done barefoot

Shoes required:

Preschool ballet/tap

Girls: pink ballet shoes and black mary jane style tap shoes (Buckle or tie)

Boys: Black ballet shoes or black non-slip socks.  Black tie/ or slip on tap shoes.  


Girls: Pink ballet shoes (Split sole recommended but not required)

Boys: Black ballet shoes

Tap/Jazz combo classes

Boys and girls: Black slip on jazz shoes and black slip on tap shoes (Black maryjane style are also acceptable for elementary levels, but please no maryjanes for midschool/high levels)

Pom -Pom and hip hop classes

Boys and girls: CLEAN White tennis shoes 

Tumbling classes

Tumbling is done Barefoot