Studio policy


All pre-paid fees are Non-refundable. 

At Reach the Stars dance our goal is to open the often exclusive world of dance and the arts up to everyone possible in the community. We are a peaceful, welcoming, safe space for students and families of all ages, orientations, races, religions or incomes.  Bullying or hateful/aggressive behavior against or towards anyone at Reach the Stars dance will not be tolerated at any time.  This includes students, parents/guardians and anyone else entering the studio. 

 Insurance: Students or their responsible party must carry their own insurance, and understand that any injuries/damages which may occur are the sole responsibility of the student, parent, or guardian.

 Usable space:. Please do not allow children to play in Parking lots or other building areas adjacent to the studio.  Please make sure to clean up any trash you may have brought in with you. Thanks! Only dancers are allowed on the dance floor during classes unless otherwise told by instructor.  Please respect the classes in session and keep conversations and distractions in the waiting area to a bare minimum. All electronics should be silenced in the waiting room. 

 Class Fees and cancellations:

 (School year classes): Class fee is due the first week of the month, students with a balance due after the 2nd week of the month will be billed a 20.00$ late fee and will not be allowed to participate in class until fees are paid in full. Fee remains the same regardless of how many times classes meet each month.  Make sure to provide a working email with your registration, Invoices will be emailed each month.  

(Summer Classes): Payment for summer session is required in full to reserve your spot in class. 

Make up classes  will be scheduled in the event of class closure due to instructor personal reason such as injury or illness.

Make up classes will not be scheduled in the event of cancellation due to unsafe weather or events out of control of Reach the Stars Youth Arts.

Weather closures: Weather closures are decided on a case by case basis. Students will be informed of closures by email and text (if the phone number provided at registration supports text messaging). 

 Observation policy: Yes! you are welcome to watch your students class at any time. Preschool level parents are welcome to participate in class if needed to help your student feel comfortable with the class structure (No street shoes on the dance floor please!) .  All other classes, parents may watch from the benches/chairs on the side of the room- please leave all class corrections to the instructor.