Our Mission/FAQ

Our Mission

Reach the Stars is a low cost arts program aimed towards bringing creativity, exercise, and art to the whole community.

Our goal is to enrich lives and create healthy minds and bodies through dance and arts education. We strive to create a welcoming, affordable, family centered atmosphere. Every student is a valuable part of our program and given the care, respect and patience all children deserve.


How many performances do you do?

We have our main performance in May or June each year. Our other performances opportunities include winter shows, competitions, and community performances.

All performances are optional for students.

Can I watch my child's class?

YES! At Reach the Stars Dance we believe dance is a team effort. Not just from the students but from their families as well. A student that has parental support is a successful student!

Preschool level students parents may join them in class if needed. We do ask that all other parents watch from the provided seats, and refrain from correcting or distracting your child from the instructor.

Are your costumes and music child friendly?

We have a very strict policy at Reach the Stars Dance and in keeping kids looking and acting like kids as long as possible. Costumes are worn with tights and are able to be worn with proper undergarment support for our older students. All group and recreational level costumes will always be one piece (covered bellies). Two piece costumes (Belly shown) may be chosen for competition team with prior parent approval only. We will never use music or choreography with bad language or sexual references. We believe being child friendly means making it appropriate for even the smallest audience member to be comfortable watching every dance presented in our show.

Do you have to audition for competition team?

NO! This goes back to our belief dance is a team effort. We run very non-competitive classes, everyone is welcome regardless of ability. The dance competition experience has become a very important aspect of the dance world in the last few years and we believe it is not the students job to prove they are the best of everyone to be allowed to experience that part of dance, we believe it is our job to make our students the best they can be and work with each student as an individual. If the student and parents are willing to make the commitment required to participate in dance competitions, we happily welcome you.

Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health - it rusts your spirit and your hips. ~Adabella Radici